Thursday, June 17, 2010

Naming conventions in BioPerl

I didnot do much coding today, instead, I read some chapters on OOP in Perl Programming again, and the programing conventions in BioPerl.

SO there are some facts need to be considered in the BioPerl package, especially naming conventions.

1. For methods returning objects, the name should be in Capital.
For example, each_Seq instead of each_seq
2. For methods returning a list of results, the name should be in plural form.
For example, select_Seqs instead of select
3. Not to use "each" in the name of methods, which may cause confusion
For example, next_LocatableSeq instead of each_seq.
(But it seems each_seq may be better to understand. I need to think on this point)
4. The methods implemented in the Bio::SimpleAlign should also be named in Bio::Align::AlignI, because AlignI is the interface package

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