Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adjusted project plan

The project plan is adjusted according to the current working progress and understanding of the project.

07/06-23/06 (Milestone 1)
Implementation of the methods proposed for Bio::Align
Conference in Vision Camp Young Researcher Symposium, Germany
05/07-12/07 (Milestone 2)
Major refactor of Bio::Align package. Moving the methods to the right package.
12/07-16/07 (Milestone 3)
Implement methods retrieving online sequence file, e.g. pfam. These methods may fall into Bio::DB
19/07-30/07 (Milestone 4)
Implement new Bio::Seq package, storing sequences in local file instead of in the memory
02/08-06/08 (Documentation)
Write an online HOWTO giving an introduction of how to use Bio::Align
09/08-20/08 (Final)
Final testing, improvement of the documentation

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